Front of the meter

We deliver battery solutions for front of the meter services like storage of renewable energy or fast frequency regulation. Our fully automated systems are scalable to fit your needs.

Renewable energy storage

Curtailment is a problem when producing renewable energy; when more energy is produced than what is needed at that specific time, the energy is wasted. With a battery solution connected to your power production, the surplus energy can be harvested and used at a later time, either at night when the sun isn't shining, or when the wind suddenly stops blowing.

Frequency Regulation

Batteries can react in milliseconds when there are dips in the grid frequency and are perfect stabilizers of the power grid when they are applied before the meter. ECO STOR offers battery solutions for front of the meter Fast Frequency Regulation with automated applications that detect dips in frequency and react immediately, pouring energy from storage into the grid, thereby stabilizing the power grid and avoiding power outages.


First-life battery solutions utilizing the whole lifecycle of a battery to store energy.

ECO STOR GmbH was formed 2021 and is a dynamic German- Norwegian company. The company focuses on the engineering, construction, and operation of large-scale battery storage systems.

Agder Energi Venture invested in the company and became the majority shareholder, and was later joined by Klaveness Marine Holdings.

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Looking for a behind-the-meter solution?

This is the solution that provides you as an end-user with a battery management system behind the meter for optimizing power consumption from the grid or from solar arrays on the roof of your building.

Behind the meter
Battery energy storage systems behind the meter are localised at the energy consumer.