ECO STOR consists of a parent company, ECO STOR AS situated in Oslo, Norway, and a subsidiary, ECO STOR GmbH situated in Munich, Germany.



Second-life solutions based on batteries that have gone through a first lifecycle in vehicles.

ECO STOR AS was established in 2018 to commercialize intellectual property and knowledge gained from the development of technology for energy storage using second-life batteries from electric vehicles. 



First-life battery solutions utilizing the whole lifecycle of a battery to store energy.

ECO STOR GmbH was formed 2021 and is a dynamic German- Norwegian company. The company focuses on the engineering, construction, and operation of large-scale battery storage systems.

Agder Energi Venture invested in the company and became the majority shareholder, and was later joined by Klaveness Marine Holdings.

We do BESS

Battery Energy Storage Systems 

Our batteries give a peek into the future of the energy transition taking place as we speak. This energy transition takes us away from fossil fuels towards clean energy from renewable sources.

In the future, battery energy storage systems like ours will become increasingly important.
Stabilizing the access to clean power regardless of weather conditions and day-to-day production.
Acting as reserves for rapid frequency response stabilizing the grid.
Keeping track of energy consumption for the end-user.

These are only some of the emerging areas of usage we can see. We know that our future is at stake, and that's why we are committed to supporting the shift towards a circular economy in everything we do. Reuse and recycling lie at the heart of our business, and everything we do is grounded in a deep respect for our planet’s limited resources.

These are only some of the reasons why we can genuinely say that what we deliver is so much more than a battery.