We continuously develop and evolve the applications of our systems to ensure optimum utilization of the functionalities so you get the most value possible.

BEM - battery energy management

A battery energy management system controls your battery solution by “talking” to the battery and provides it with a series of functionalities that allows you to control how the battery solution is being used. 

Program your needs and let the applications do their job.

Buy energy and store it at times during the day when energy is cheap, and use it when the prizes are high. This way you have full control over when you buy energy and the price you pay for it.

Load shifting and peak shaving are two ways of managing your energy consumption, adding energy from storage during peak demand times, or shifting the load from high-price times to low-price times through storage.
Storing the surplus energy you produce, and using it for self-consumption saves you the extra fees that are applied if you rather sell the energy to the grid and buy it back at a later time.
Stabilizing the frequency of the grid is becoming ever more important. Our applications make your battery solution available for Frequency services, detecting dips in the grid frequency and creating a response within milliseconds.
Our battery energy management system has applications for setting up a virtual power plant, synchronizing several battery systems within the neighborhood, and ensuring energy security for everyone.


ECO STOR offers a whole range of products from one-battery, second-life solutions for use after the meter to large, first-life container systems for use before the meter.

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Continually monitoring energy consumption and optimizing

system performance ensures you can maximize the benefit of

your storage system.  Eco Stor provides the tools and ongoing

support to ensure you get the most from your investment.

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