What is a diode?

A diode allows current to flow in only one direction. It lets current pass through when polarized in a specific way and blocks the current when polarized in the opposite direction. Therefore, diodes are often referred to as electrical valves or rectifiers.

The most common type of diode is the so-called pn-junction diode. It consists of two different semiconductor materials - one type p-doping and one type n-doping - which are joined together. When a positive voltage is applied to the p-side of the diode and a negative voltage is applied to the n-side, the diode allows current to flow. And vice versa; When the voltage is reversed, the diode blocks the current.

Diodes are widely used in electronic circuits to control current direction, protect circuits from overload, and to produce light in light-emitting diodes (LEDs). They are essential components in everything from remote controls to computers!