First life solutions

Utilizing the whole lifecycle of a battery for energy management purposes in front of the meter.

Optimized for Performance

Our first life energy management systems contain batteries that are brand new. These systems are optimized for maximum performance in front of the meter.

We manufacture large-scale systems for balancing energy production with demand, storing renewable energy, and maintaining grid stability, infrastructure security, and energy affordability.

Who produces our First Life batteries?

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We cooperate only with the best in the business, providing you with the optimal batteries for your energy management solution needs. 

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Energy management as an investment

At ECO STOR, we believe battery management systems are an investment opportunity for utilities and renewable energy funds, as private investment is an important factor in creating a sustainable and independent energy supply built for a zero-emission future.

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We know that battery energy systems may seem complex, and we´d love to show you what the possibilities are.

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Leif E. Rønning
Sales- and Business Development Manager

Second life batteries

ECO STOR repurposes EV batteries into battery energy management systems.
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