ECO STOR: How do our battery solutions work?

How do ECO STOR's battery solutions work?

EV batteries that are no longer suitable for use in electrical vehicles, have a lot of capacity left and can be turned into stationary storage solutions. 
But how is an EV battery turned into a stationary battery, and how does a battery system work?

How does ECO STOR make a battery system from EV batteries?

We have agreements with various partners who take care of electric car batteries from cars that are up for destruction. Through these, we get the batteries instead of them being discarded.

We at ECO STOR thus make electric car batteries part of a circular economy. The need for storage of electricity is increasing, and so is the number of electric car batteries that have reached their end-of-life.

When we remove the battery from the electric vehicle, we get all the connections and wires that belong to it.

The battery is used as it is in our solutions, i.e. without us having to open the battery or do anything more with it physically.

What is the safety of the battery systems?

The fact that we do not open the batteries, but use them as they are when they are removed from the electric car, means that all safety guarantees delivered with the battery when it was new from the factory follow the battery further. In our agreements with the electric car manufacturers, we collect batteries to ensure this. These agreements also mean that we can access the batteries' control systems.

ECO STOR has various ways to make it easier for the battery systems to fit physically in the place you need them, whether standing in a rack, lying in stacks or if you want outdoor installation, in containers.

Our self-developed systems work with the control systems in the battery

All-electric car batteries have a built-in computer system that controls them.

We have developed a system that allows us to get in touch with this computer system and connect directly to the battery. That is why we can say that we have complete control over the battery health from the batteries we make our solutions.

Examining the battery health is not only done when the battery is delivered to us but is something we monitor on an ongoing basis when the battery system is in operation with you.

If we see after a few years that the battery health is too poor on one of the batteries in a battery system, we can easily replace it with another battery with good health.

In general, the life of an electric car battery will be anywhere from 10 to 15 years after we receive it and build it into a storage solution.

How does the battery system work?

Simply put, a battery system looks something like this: Battery system - inverters - AMS meter / current meter.

The batteries in ECO STOR's battery systems are connected in parallel, which makes it easy to replace a battery in a battery system without having to remove the entire battery system.

Since the battery has a direct current and the mains AC, inverters connect to the batteries to convert the power from the mains.

The control systems at the back monitor all parts of the battery system based on the settings.

The integrated control systems include the BIU - battery interface unit located on each battery and the CAN-BUS - controller area network bus, which is a communication protocol used in most vehicles for communication between the various parts of the vehicle. ECO STOR uses these systems for communication between the different parts of the battery system, the cloud solution to the battery system is connected to, and the AMS meter in your fuse box.

The fact that our battery solutions are connected to a cloud solution enables us to monitor your battery system's battery health and operation and ensure that everything works optimally.

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