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Why ECO STOR’s strategy towards circular economy complements EUs new directives

As a full-service partner for battery solutions, ECO STOR is a partner you can trust throughout the entire process. A circular economy is imperative in our operations, and serves the wider community, the environment and the future. This also complements the EU’s directives for a cleaner Europe.

What do the EU’s new directives say? 

The EU aims to transition to a circular economy to make Europe cleaner and more competitive. An urgent need to separate economic growth from resource consumption make up some of the incentive to launch this new directive. 

The directive addresses numerous measures and guidelines to break with the excessive resource consumption many industries still lean on. It outlines measures for multiple areas, from industrial emissions and packaging to public procurement. 

Consumerpower is central to the directive’s strategy, one goal being to offer consumers better access to products made for longevity, which are easily repaired and reused. A keynote is that the ideal products should be suitable to be recycled into other raw materials or products. 

ECO STOR is already compliant with the EU’s battery recommendations

The EU Commission is considering phasing out some non-rechargeable batteries.

As for electrical vehicles, a new framework of regulations will most likely come into action, aiming to make the value chain for EV batteries more sustainable. 

The goal of the framework is to increase the degree of circularity for all types of batteries, as well as accelerating the material recovery rate for discarded vehicles. 

With battery solutions built on EV batteries that otherwise would have ended in the garbage, ECO STOR is already operating according to the guidelines provided by the EU. 

Our second-life batteries are not thrown away after contributing to our battery solutions, but are recycled, and the materials are used to make new batteries. We are proud to say our recycling rate is at 98 percent. 

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ECO STOR and circular economy

ECO STORs circular economy strategy permeates our products as well as every step of our processes. 

Our battery management system illustrates this point well. With our solutions, you get a system specially developed to read data from a single battery without disturbing the functions or operations for the rest of the system. This quickly provides you with an accurate report on the current battery health of each single battery in the solution. 

With precise updates on the batteries’ condition, we can plan and be proactive in replacing batteries. A single battery can easily be replaced while the rest of the battery system operates normally. As a result, you don’t need to worry about downtime in your system.

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Simple upscaling and integration with other systems

ECO STOR’s battery solutions are designed to be scalable. We understand the need for integrating battery solutions with various third-party systems, whether it’s solar cells, building automation systems, or facility management systems. Our battery systems can effortlessly facilitate these integrations. 

If you are interested in modern battery solutions that value the environment, the consumer and circular economy, as well as meeting the EU’s recommendations, ECO STOR is a clear first choice.

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