ECO STOR announces pilot project with Sandvik and Glencore

Amidst the transition of the mining industry towards electrification, the spotlight on energy storage intensifies worldwide. ECO STOR, partnering with Sandvik, takes a significant stride forward in sustainability with a pioneering initiative. The collaboration embarks on a groundbreaking pilot project aimed at implementing a cutting-edge second-life battery energy storage system (BESS) across targeted Glencore facilities.

The innovative BESS solution stands poised to revolutionize mining operations, enhancing critical services such as charging infrastructure for light electric vehicles within Glencore's operational domain. In the pilot phase, Sandvik will delve deep into diverse applications like power optimization, peak load management, and strategic energy trading.

Renowned for its prowess in revitalizing energy storage systems, ECO STOR AS emerges as a key technology collaborator alongside Sandvik for this transformative venture. Leveraging Sandvik's retired BEV modules, which have dutifully served in mobile mining, ECO STOR ingeniously engineers a sustainable battery solution.

Leif Rønning, Business Development Manager at ECO STOR, championing the spirit of innovation, remarks, "Our commitment to extending battery lifecycles reflects our dedication to environmental stewardship and resource efficiency. Through our partnership with Sandvik, we unleash the potential of second-life batteries, carving a path towards a more sustainable mining future."

The visionary BESS, nestled within an industrial 20-foot enclosure housing 128 Sandvik battery modules, anticipates a robust nominal energy capacity of approximately 1MWh. The state-of-the-art battery and energy management systems, with meticulous provisions for fire safety and surveillance, emphasize our commitment to operational excellence.

Rønning continues, "Anchored in our shared vision of circular sustainability, we embrace the transformative power of repurposing batteries within our mining equipment. This approach not only enhances operational efficiencies but also underlines our collective effort to reduce environmental impact."

Alvaro Baeza, the astute Decarbonization Manager for Copper Assets at Glencore, underscores the significance of collaborative cross-industry efforts in accelerating electrification solutions. "At the heart of our ethos lies a commitment to circular business practices and environmental stewardship. Our collaboration with Sandvik epitomizes this ethos, driving sustainable outcomes aligned with our core values."

The deployment of the trailblazing BESS container at a Glencore facility in 2025 sets the stage for a commercial rollout by 2026, signifying a monumental leap toward energy optimization. The deliberate move to localize BESS assembly closer to mining sites not only minimizes transportation impact but augments sustainability efforts, marking a significant stride towards a greener future.